We offer a variety of Grilling products and necessities including:


Fill your propane tanks at Brookline IceCustomers can have their propane tanks filled at our retail location. We also sell new 20 lb. propane tanks, 100 lb. tanks and can order larger sizes for our customers upon request.

Get your tanks filled at:
610 Brookline Ave
Brookline, MA 02445




All Natural Lump Charcoal

Nature's OwnNature’s Own Hardwood Charcoal

  • 100% Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal : Chef’s choice for grilling and barbecue
  • Wood-grilled flavour of northern hardwood maple logs the way nature intended.
  • Made from trees (trunk and limbs) which do not meet lumber specifications.
  • No trees are expressly cut for our charcoal.
  • Faster lighting and higher heat; burns cleaner and longer than briquettes.
  • No starch or petroleum taste.
  • Caramelizing natural sugars and protein for fullest flavour.
  • Trees are harvested only as part of a government reforestation program


All Natural Briquettes

In addition to a variety of hardwood charcoals, we offer all natural charcoal briquettes. These pillow shaped bricks are designed to burn at a low steady heat.


Gourmet Cooking Woods

We offer a variety of smoking woods in both slab and chips

  • Apple
  • Hickory
  • Cherry and more can be ordered

Directions for Using Smoking Chips

  1. Soak at least two handfuls of chips in water for at least 20 minutes. Remove chips from water.
  2. Create a pouch with aluminum foil. Place chips inside and fold opening closed.
  3. Puncture several holes in top of pouch and place on or under cooking grid over high heat until chips begin to smoke.
  4. When smoking begins, use tongs to move pouch to the side. Place food on grill and close the lid for best smoke flavor.

Tips for Smoking

  • Match meat with appropriate wood type (click here for chart)
  • Keep squirt bottle next to grill to immediately extinguish any flare ups
  • Keep heat from the smoke to under 200f