Ice Sculptures

Brookline Ice Company is Massachusetts’ premier ice sculpting company since 1924. Our internationally renowned artists create works of exquisite beauty for every occasion. The artists can replicate any company logo or symbol and can design sculptures for centerpieces, large outdoor displays, or elegant foodservice. Our ice experts will assist you, from the initial planning stages to the final delivery and set-up of your ice sculpture. The high quality of the ice used and the workmanship employed to create your sculpture are guaranteed to please even the most discerning customer. Anything you can dream, we can create for you in ice!

Ice Serving Bowls
A lovely an innovative way to serve shrimp, punch, sorbet, fruit, or anything else you wish to serve chilled. We’ll help you create a food presentation with elegance and style. Ice bowls are available in many designs, some even with flowers, seashells, fruit, golf balls, and other items frozen inside.

Inexpensive and long lasting, each ice bowl comes complete with a disposable drain tray and liner.  Weighing around 65lbs, ice bowls are easily transported or shipped almost anywhere.


    Lights enhance the beauty of every ice sculpture. Bulbs available in red, amber, green blue, pink, and clear. Sockets have ball hinge and adjust easily to desired angle.

    Drain Trays
    Complete with nozzle and hose. Tray is lightweight clear plastic. Dimpled bottom prevents slipping. Doubles as food service drain tray. Several sizes available, a representative can make a suggestion based on your order.

    Styrofoam Blocks
    For multiple block ice sculptures, and presentation purposes.

    Ice Tongs
    Designed for the ice professional (Other tools – custom order)

    Ice Bowl Liners
    FDA approved food grade plastic. (about) 1 ½ Gallon capacity

    Ice Bowl Boxes
    Box is designed to hold 65lb ice bowl or small ice sculpture. These heavy-duty, waxed cardboard boxes are sturdy enough to be stacked 4 high without crushing the bottom box. Thermal liners are also available.

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