Ice Packaged Products

Whether you need to chill beverage, mix cocktails or create a raw bar set up, Brookline Ice Co. has the right ice to help with your function.

Brookline Ice Company is ready to fill all of your ice needs seven days a week. Our IPIA certified + EPA lab tested cocktail ice is produced daily at our Brookline, MA location. Whether you need to chill beverage, mix cocktails or create a raw bar set up, we have the right ice to help with your function.

Cocktail Ice

Cocktail ice is packaged in 5 lb. bags and 30 lb. bags. Our staff is always on call to help you determine how many pounds of ice you need to ensure your drinks are cold.

Brookline Ice suggests the following when figuring out how many pounds or bags to purchase.
Chilling Ice – 1 30lb. bag for every two cases of beverage (24 cans or bottles)
Drinking Ice – .75 – 1.50 lbs. per person (adjust number based on weather conditions, ie. 90 degree day in July at outside event; use 1.50 lbs. per person)


Bales are an industry term used to describe the packaging of retail bags of ice. Our bales are comprised of 7 /5 lb. bags of ice. Many also refer to bales as cases or sleeves of ice. Brookline Ice 5 lb. retail bags can be found in convenient stores, liquor stores, supermarkets, yacht clubs etc.

Snow Ice

Our 40 lb. bulk bags of snow are perfect for a raw bar set up or a seafood or meat display. Snow is a very fine ice often referred to as shaved ice.

Block Ice

For a longer lasting chilling solution than ice cubes try block ice. Brookline Ice produces 11 lb. blocks that are available for pick up at our retail location. These blocks are packaged four to a bale and are perfect for yacht clubs.

Carving Bars

For those who wish to carve their own ice creations, Brookline Ice offers a 300 lb. carving bar. These bars are approximately 42 inches tall, 22 inches wide and 11 inches thick. Some people have even been known to put them in their pools during heat waves in the summer.

Cline Bells

Need an extra clear carving bar for that special art piece? Cline Bells are produced in a machine that creates an especially crystal clear bar of ice.

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